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Taurus - Pass the Potatoes and Pasta, Please

April 19th - May 20th

Taurus adores food, especially those anti-Atkins heavy carbs like potatoes, breads, and noodles ("pasta" to Libras who are reading this). Taurus's likes to sink their teeth in most anything -- they aren't picky eaters. This earthy sign, when feeling comfortable, will make throaty sounds while eating. It's a sensual experience. They can be oblivious to whatever else is happening at the dining table.

Watching a Taurus eat ice-cream, whether on a cone or in a cup, is an erotic and focused endeavor. That tongue really gets a work-out! Often accompanied by sound effects with tongue gymnastics, you might think you've got an X-rated movie in the making.

Taurus helped make "comfort foods" popular. Oddly enough, most world re-known chefs are not born under the Taurus sun. A few exceptions, though, are Canadian chef, Nadia Giosia (May 12th), James Beard (May 5th), and Alice Waters (April 28). Taurus waits for the end result and isn't much interested in the recipe process -- leave that to the Virgos, they'd say.

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Taurus Recipes and Ingredients

Chocolate - dark
Noodles and Pasta

Recipes for Taurus to be added:

Buttermilk, Cherries, Cloves, Dill, Fennel, Gravies, Heavy cream, Mint, Parsley, Pears, Peas, Persimmon, Raspberries, Real Butter, Strawberries


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