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Aries - Where's the Beef?

March 20th - April 19th

Aries, like the other fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, prefers foods served hot and those that are red in color. Aries absolutely crave red meat! Red wine, cayenne, and ketchup are Aries staples.

At a gathering or buffet, Aries wants to be the first one to eat and needs to be seated at the head of the table. Aries is all about action. They don't like to talk about food unless it's to flag down the cook for seconds. Aries eat fast, preferring to get the best of the fixin's before anyone else. Social chatter can wait until Aries is satiated. Aries are quite content to eat out alone, especially at fast food joints where they can wolf down a big hamburger and not worry too much about manners - after all, proper etiquette takes extra time.

There's some dispute among astrologers about Aries liking spicy foods. All Aries I know have an aversion to curry, spicy chili, corned beef, and other foods with too many spices they often can't name. I figure Aries are already on fast forward and don't need extra fiery, turbo food.

But Aries has a hearty appetite. They move fast and digest their food just as quickly. When Aries is hungry, he needs to eat RIGHT NOW. When hungry, which is often, they are impulsive and hurried in the kitchen, especially if they have to do the cooking. And they'd rather not. Pots and pans can go flying from Aries recklessness. Know someone with a scar on top of their toes? That's your typical Aries in the kitchen wielding forks and knives at lightening speed.

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Aries Recipes and Ingredients

Beef and Barbeque
Chili and Cayenne
Red Wine
Salsa and Hot Sauce

More recipes for Aries to be added for these ingredients: Capers, Ketchup, Leeks, Minestrone, Mustard, Paprika, Pimientos, Red onions, Spaghetti.


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