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The Health Benefits of Cayenne

The Health Benefits of Cayenne

Cayenne is possibly the single most wonderful, beneficial plant to grow and have on hand in case of emergencies." (Ingri Cassel, September Idaho Observer, 1999) That is quite a claim for this spicy pepper. Besides its ability to flavor foods, what is the medicinal value of cayenne?

First, cayenne pepper is effective as an astringent, so effective that some recommend the powder form be kept in first aid kits. "Miracle" stories tell about how hemorrhaging is stopped when the wound is sprinkled with cayenne powder. Some even claim it aids clotting even when drunk as a tea.

Cayenne has also been used as a treatment for stomach cramps, as a natural painkiller, and for temporary relief of joint pain. By gargling cayenne tea, one is able to sooth a sore throat. However, for those who don't like its spiciness, follow it with with some cold water or an ice cube. Cayenne acts as a catalyst, increasing the effectiveness of other herbs and supplements. The most common use of cayenne in South America is as a condiment. This is because their vegetable diet produces bowel gas that cayenne helps to correct. Cayenne is also used for pain relief of arthritis, for infections, female complaints, laxatives, ulcers, thyroid balance, as a male tonic, for system cleansing, and for respiratory ailments.

Cayenne is high in vitamins A, C, B complex, calcium, and potassium. This makes it useful in treating colds, sinus problems, and respiratory ailments. Others have used it for treating migraines, high blood pressure, chest pain, and athlete's foot, even for putting you in a good mood. Note: since it is an effective blood thinner, don't take cayenne before surgery.

Cayenne stimulates blood flow. The Utah Historical Quarterly, Vol. 10, 1942, p. 207 states, "Now the healing power of nature is in the blood and to accelerate the healing power of nature I am convinced that there is nothing that will do this like cayenne pepper; you will find it applicable in all cases of sickness."

This means cayenne is effective in treating gangrene, frostbite, and other circulatory problems as well. A rural doctor reported remarkable results with heart attack victim's survival rate when he gave each one cayenne tea, one teaspoon in a cup of hot water. Many have used cayenne tea in conjunction with CPR following a heart attack. Chronic poor circulation can also be improved with three cups of cayenne tea each a day.

Try these two mixes for a flavorful and healthy drink: 1) fresh lemon, cayenne, and pure water (with a little maple syrup); and, 2) apple cider vinegar, molasses and cayenne. For quickest results, however, take cayenne as a tea or as a spice in foods. Its effectiveness begins in the mouth, stimulating circulation, digestion, and acting as a catalyst for other beneficial substances.

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