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Shrimp Recipes

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Shrimp Recipes

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12 lg. shrimp
2 lg. cloves garlic
4 tbsp. olive, hemp, or salad oil
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tbsp. oregano
1/4 lb. butter
Grated Parmesan cheese

Heat oil and butter. Add crushed garlic, salt, oregano. Add shrimp. Cook approximately 5 minutes or until done. Sprinkle with parsley and Parmesan cheese. Serve over pasta.


2 Tbs butter
1 lb large shrimp, peeled and deveined
1 cup milk
1 package McCormick Bearnaise Sauce Blend

Melt butter in large skillet on medium heat. Add shrimp; cook and stir 3 minutes or until shrimp turn pink. Stir in milk and Sauce Mix. Stirring frequently, bring to boil. Reduce heat to low; simmer 2 minutes. Serve over cooked pasta or rice, if desired.


Preparation Time:15 minutes
Cook Time:10 minutes

The secret Cajun spice blend in McCormick Cajun Seafood Fry Mix gives shrimp the spicy taste of a traditional Louisiana fish fry.

1/2 cup McCormick Cajun Seafood Fry Mix
1 lb large shrimp, peeled and deveined
Water or milk
Vegetable or peanut oil for frying
Cajun Fried Shrimp

Pour Fry Mix into plastic bag. Moisten shrimp with water or milk. Shake off excess. Coat shrimp, several pieces at a time, evenly with Fry Mix. Let stand 5 minutes.

Pour oil into deep fryer or large heavy skillet, filling no more than 1/3 full. Heat to 375°F on medium heat. Fry shrimp, several pieces at a time, 3 to 5 minutes or until golden brown, turning once. Drain on paper towels.

Grilled Sesame Ginger Shrimp Kabobs With Snow Peas - Serves 8

Preparation Time:15 minutes
Cook Time:5 minutes

Skewer a snow pea pod around a sesame ginger-marinated shrimp for a small-bite appetizer with big flavor.

1 shrimp
1/2 cup McCormick Sesame Ginger
20 snow peas
Grilled Sesame Ginger Shrimp Kabobs with Snow Peas

Reserve 2 tablespoons of the marinade for brushing. Pour remaining marinade over shrimp; toss to coat.

Remove shrimp from marinade. Thread a snow pea and a shrimp onto each skewer so that one end of the shrimp is in between the 2 ends of the snow pea. Discard any remaining marinade.

Grill kabobs over medium heat 2 minutes per side or until shrimp turn pink, brushing with reserved marinade.

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